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Photo Gallery

International Festival(1)
International Festival(2)
Bailin Middle School
2009 Spring Picnic
2009 New Year Gala(3)
2009 New Year Gala(2)
2009 New Year Gala(1)
2009 New Year Gala(彩排)
First Night Raleigh
International Festival 1
International Festival 2
International Festival 3
International Festival 4
Volunteering at Beijing Olympics
Olympic Banner
TACAMP First Meeting
Tennis Tournament
'Show Our Love' Performance
Quake Relief Dinner Hosted by 35 Chinese Restaurant and CAFA
Competition of Chinese Knowledge
<分居> 剧照(1)
<分居> 剧照(2)
2008 Picnic (1)
2008 Picnic (2)
2008 春节联欢会
2008 春节联欢会 (behind the scene)
Gala: Behind the Scene
Visa Service 2007
Christmas Dance 2007
Photos from CAFA Annual Meeting (taken by Shen Bing)
Photos from NC International Festival 北卡州国际文化节图片

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