About CAFA

The Chinese-American Friendship Association of North Carolina (CAFA) was founded on October 5, 1996. CAFA is a non-political and non-profit organization. (CAFA 501(C)(3) Approval Document from IRS)

The objectives of CAFA are:
  • To foster friendship among Chinese and Chinese Americans;
  • To help members succeed in the American society;
  • To protect the rights of members;
  • To promote SINO-American culture, science and technology exchange.
Mr. Yang, Ming (杨名) is the current president of the Executive Committee for the 2017-2018 term. Former CAFA presidents are

   Liu, Ran(2014-2017)
   Yao, Chengwei(2013-2014)
   Xiao, Lun(2012-2013)
   Yang, Jianping(2011-2012)
   Wang, Dianxia(2010-2011)
   Yan, Ding(2009-2010)
   Guo, Xuguang(2008-2009)
   Wen, Daling(2007-2008)
   Chen, Jian(2006-2007)
   Hu, Hui(2005-2006)
   Zhou, George(2004-2005)
   Pang, Tao(2003-2004)
   Young, Hannah(2002-2003)
   Liu, Zhi(2001-2002)
   Zhang, Hande(2000-2001)
   Li, Bailian(1999-2000)
   Yao, Peng(1998-1999)
   Wu, Jogin(1997-1998)
   Zeng, Zhaobang(1996-1997)

The Board of Directors is the association's legislative and supervisory body. The Board stipulates CAFA's objectives, enacts and interprets the association's by-laws and other policies, and oversees Executive Committee's implementation of these objectives and policies.

Mr. Yao, Chengwei (姚承伟) is the current Chairperson of the Board for the 2017-2018 term. Former CAFA Board Chairpersons are

   Yao, Chengwei(2014-2017)
   Xiao, Lun(2013-2014)
   Yang, Jianping(2012-2013)
   Yan, Ding(2010-2012)
   Fu, Jiarong(2009-2010)
   Pang, Tao(2008-2009)
   Chen, Owen(2007-2008)
   Zhou, George(2006-2007)
   Pang, Tao(2005-2006)
   Wen, Daling(2004-2005)
   Hu, Hui(2003-2004)
   Yang, Jianren(2002-2003)
   Chen, Jie(2001-2002)
   Yao, Peng(1999-2001)
   Zeng, Zhaobang(1997-1999)
   Yu, Qianwen(1996-1997)

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